Saturday, January 28, 2012

Biography Book Reports

Biography Book Reports Due:  Februrary 13, Monday

Below you will see a sample of a "peek through" board.
These are bought and not kid made.  I want the students 
to use a large posterboard to create their own "peek through"
board for their report.

Happy Reading and Have Fun!

Metric Measuring

I introduced to the kiddos centimeter, meter, and 
kilometer in a recent math lesson.  At the end of the
week we partnered with Mrs. Simpson's class to play
a round of Race to Measurement.  Students drew a 
card and read the question and determined which unit
of measure would be used to complete the task.

Fun game and great reinforcement!

We've Got Rocks in Our Heads

Our reading story last week was a biography titled,
Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis Hurst.

Before reading the story,  I handed the kiddos different
rocks, minerals, and fossils to study, touch, and talk about.

When the explore time was over, each group had to
sort their rocks.  They were very creative....they used
color, shape, size, weight, shiny and dull to help them.

They loved the rocks!

Symmetry Lesson

After reviewing the definition of symmetry and doing
a little book work, I put my kiddos to the test.  The ruler
represents the line of symmetry and students had to create
a symmetrical design with a partner.

A few days later, the kiddos designed their own
symmetrical butterfly for morning work.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Introduction to Division

To introduce the division concept, I read 
The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins.

This story does an excellent job of explaining
that division is sharing equally.  We then took
CookieCrisp cereal and acted out each page of
sharing from the book.

12 cookies are shared with 2 kiddos.
Students drew on their desk with pencils and 
equally shard the cookies with 2 people.
(They loved writing on their desks.)

12 divided by 2 = 6 cookies each

12 cookies divided by 4 people = 3 cookies each

12 cookies divided by 6 people = 2 cookies each

12 cookies divided by 12 people = 1 cookie each

Then we took this knowledge to a worksheet of division.
The kids learned to draw a picture.  

Below is a picture of their work as they worked
through a worksheet!

  Awesome learning :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Compare and Contrast

One of our Reading/Language SPIs is comparing
and contrasting.  Upon return from Christmas vacation
I decided to test the kiddos brains for 3 days.  Boy 
did they do great!

First, I partnered students and they completed a
Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting themselves.
Second, they cut out and created snowmen that
overlap and transferred their information to the 
snowman.  Third, I modeled how to write a paragraph
using myself ad Mrs. Simpson as an example.  The
kids then wrote their own paragraphs.

What a super cute display!

Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas breakfast on 
December 20.  The kids enjoyed a lot of grea
goodies, games, and fun.  The priceless presents
turned out to be a fabulous way to celebrate!
I truly enjoyed watching the kiddos open and 
read what their classmates had to say about them.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Trying to tie in SPIs with a little Christmas fun.
We read IF You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura
Numeroff.  Students then helped me complete a chain 
of events chart.  Then, they were assigned an event
from the story to illustrate.  The fun didn't stop there.
We then moved to the halls for more space to color
an old timey film strip ( not sure the kiddos had a clue
what it was they were even creating).  Students then
sequenced the events from the story.
What a great learning activity!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Musical

I got a few good shots of my class.
Hard to do when you are in the bleachers yourself....LOL

Caribou and Migration

Trying to make sure I could tie in the state
standards and also a little Christmas fun can
be difficult, but I managed with a little help.
Thanks to an idea on another teaching blog.

I checked out this book (Amazing Animal Journeys) 
about migrationfrom our library.  We read and harvested
a ton of information about caribou.  After reading,
students discussed and shared what they had learned.
It was then transferred to a graphic organizer.

It couldn't stop there, so we made a super cute 
reindeer or caribou to top it off......(last picture).

Social Studies....Landforms

We are studying and learning about physical 
features of the Earth....landforms.  So far we have
covered 5 land formations and 3 water formations.
We will continue after Christmas break covering 
the remaining land and water formations.

The students created a wonderful foldable with
a definition for each that they formed together
with my help!  AWESOME Learning going on :)

Science Lesson

Mrs. Simpson and I partnered together to show the
kiddos exactly how a fossil might look.  Mrs. Simpson
taught an excellent lesson on fossils and how they
are formed.  Meanwhile, I was mixing up a salt dough
for the fossil making process.  Students were then given
one object and allowed to make a fossil.  They dried
for 48 hours and it was very neat to see them all.