Monday, February 27, 2012

Biography Video

Parts of a Non-fiction Book

We've been studying parts of a non-ficton book.
They include....table of contents, title page, glossary,
and index.


Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Little taught "types" of
clouds and the kiddos did a great visual to help
them remember each.

Adjective Frames

As an adjective review, we did "adjective frames."

I took pics of the kiddos.  The kiddos added
3/4 adjectives describing themselves.  Then,
they took it home and their families added a few
more.  Finally, I added two more adjectives.

They look great hanging outside our doors!

Chinese Culture

Thanks soooo much to Mrs. Gretchen Turner who
came to speak to our class and share about Chinese
culture.  She did a great job and the kids loved it.
We discussed population, geography, food, language,
and of course art and music.  The kiddos tried chopsticks,
a scarf game, and a few Chinese snacks.  

Inference Trash Lesson

We did an awesome lesson with TRASH.
I collected trash over a month and divided it 
into "clean" bags.  The kiddos dug through my
trash and inferred what they could about the 
person who threw away that item.

It sounds strange, but truly was awesome!
Here are a few pictures:

Super Bowl 2012

We played Mrs. Simpson's class in a Superbowl
Showdown at the first of February!  We randomly
pulled names for kiddos to go head to head.  So funny!
First name I pulled was Caroline and Mrs. Simpson 
pulled Catherine.  How neat......twins in our classes.
They were our first head to head competitors.

3 Ring Circus

Sometimes my room looks like a 3 ring circus, but there's a 
good reason why.  We have 3 ring circus 2 days a week.  
Students rotate through 3 rings (stations) during the end of
the day.  I snapped a few pictures during one a few weeks ago.
This is just a sampling.....we do all sorts of things.

Multiplication war with a deck of cards.

Language TCAP practice at the table with me.

3 digit subtraction with Mr. Michael.