Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Science and Math Tools lesson

As part of the state requirements, third graders must know
when to use certain tools in science and math.  What 
better way to learn than to do a little experiment with 
each one.  So that's exactly what we did.

They tried out a balance scale, goggles, thermometer,
microscope, and magnets.

Using a balance scale to weigh.

Finding out what part of your body goggles protect.

Testing the temperature of water with a thermometer.

Looking at things with a microscope.

December 5 - Ornament Day

Thanks to the parents who volunteered their time
to come to the classroom one day and help us out
with Christmas ornaments.  The kids made 4 ornaments
and one adorable reindeer pin that afternoon.

Thanks to Nicole Vaughn, Amanda Maples,
and Jill Grisham!  You ladies were a huge help.

The students rotated through stations and completed
each ornament. 
1.  beaded candy cane - these looked great on our class tree
2.  reindeer pin - made from puzzle pieces and a pin attached to back
3.  Christmas wishlist ornaments - super cute!
4.  glittered personalized ornament
5.  quilled wreath - also looked great on our class tree

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shoe Math

The students and I read a poem about
shoes one day for math.  We talked about
poetry, rhyming words, and adjectives before
we started our actual math lesson.

We then all took one shoe off and put them in the
middle of the floor.  Students then had to determine
the best way to sort these "stinky shoes".  

They came up with color, brand, type, and size.
We ended up with brand and then created a 
tally chart and bar graph for each.

Pretty neat and stinky!  LOL

Believe it or not - my shoe is in there too.
I had to really search for it because it's about
the same size as theirs!

Elapsed Time

The students have been using a T chart to solve
word problems with elapsed time.  It has proven to 
be very helpful and helps them organize their work.

Veteran's Day

We were honored to have Mr. Lee Aldridge speak to
us on Veteran's Day.  He did an excellent job and it
was extra special to speak to 2 of his grandchildren.
Caroline and Catherine Vaughn