Saturday, September 3, 2011


Ever wondered how to bring the skill of sequence to life?
I've found it!  Bake cookies with 3rd graders and it will stick
with them.  Mrs. Simpson and I partnered up to bring this
reading spi, along with the math spi of fractions, and 
finally the science spi of mixtures to life in our cafeteria.
We call these skills "spis" in our classroom because the state
of Tennessee calls them "student performance indicators."

We divided the kiddos into groups of 4/5 and paired them with 
a responsible, baking adult.....i.e. parents, friends, paraprofessionals, 
and of course retired teachers......anyone who would help us!

Students read the recipe and followed the sequence to make some
of the best chocolate chip cookies ever on a Friday morn at WES.

I don't need to tell you they loved it!  I think they even ate a little
cookie dough (yummo) to hold them over until the sweet cafeteria
ladies could bake our sweet creations.  We made and baked over 100 
cookies and we were able to share with the whole third grade!

Kudos and major thanks to Freida Sanders, Nicole Vaughn, 
Lesli Malkowski, Jill Vailes, and Kerri Simpson (partner in crime)
for helping make this a memorable lesson! 

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