Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Owl's Hill Sanctuary Field Trip

A fun time was had by all today.
Ms. Helen was a great tour guide and talked to 
us a lot about sooooo many of our Science standards.

We discussed habitats, seeds, roots, plants, 
wildlife, predators, dwellings, food, natural resources,
and even more.  We also hike a good little hike.

Enjoy the pictures!

We even spotted 2 turtles along the path!

 Monkey Brains.....there's an official name, but
I wouldn't even begin to try to say it, much less spell it.

How many 3rd graders does it take to wrap
around a 400 year old oak tree?  13 plus the teacher.
Very large tree......

We even got a sneak peek at one of the
owls they are rehabilitating at Owl's Hill.

 The kids were great and very well behaved.
Also, the parents were a huge help too!  Thanks.

 We had to do a goofy pic!

Almost forgot, Hunter, our class mascot, made the
trip with us as well!  What fun!

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