Sunday, October 2, 2011


Our journey with penguins began with a great non-fiction
story in our Reading Street Basal for 3rd grade, Penguin Chick.


Like any good 3rd grader, we first made a KWL chart of
our schema about penguins together.  Wow, we actually
knew quite a bit about this flightless bird, but still had plenty
of questions!

After reading our story and learning so much we embarked
upon our first, but not last "research" project this year.  
Mrs. Scholes took us to the computer lab where we were
assigned a particular breed of penguin.  After a quick lesson
on using google and how to search for "good information" we
were on our own.  We needed to find 8 facts about our penguin.

This was certainly not a one day project.  It was completed over
a 2 week period with lots of work.  Once we collected all of our
facts about penguins, it was time to get busy writing.  OHMYWORD
Mrs. Scholes made us write about these birds, and you won't believe
it, but they had to be in complete sentences with correct 
capitalization and punctuation!

The pictures below demonstrate our 4 step process:

Step 1:  Research about penguins and write them down.
Step 2:  Write a short paragraph with a topic sentence and
5 supporting details. (correct capitalization and punctuation)
Step 3:  Bring to Mrs. Scholes and she will correct any mistakes.
Step 4:  Rewrite the paragraph with changes and create an 
illustration of your particular penguin.

WHEW!  That was a lot of work Mrs. Scholes.

A note from Mrs. Scholes:
I was so very proud of the students' focus and attention
to this "BIG" project.  I hope you learned about patience
and how a project is one step at a time.  I was truly amazed
at your writing abilities and can't wait to do more with you
in the future!  GOOD JOB!

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