Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Halloween - thankfully we cut down on the madness a few
years ago and the students no longer wear costumes!

We still try to make the day a "little" more entertaining than
other days.  We read Halloween stories (Monster Goose), did a
little Halloween math (Shapely Witch-covered patterns and 2d
shapes), and then of course the big Halloween party.

My parties ALWAYS have 3/4 stations.  I learned this great idea
from a PREK teacher in our building a few years back.

PRE-stations:  parties were loud, annoying, and soooo stressful
POST-stations:  parties are calm, educational, and a lot less stressful

I actually get to enjoy the kiddos enjoy the party.

Because of low numbers in 3rd grade this year (oh's amazing),
I had 3 stations.  The stations were:
1.  EATING - simple.....they just eat and talk
2.  PUMPKIN ESTIMATING - estimate number of seeds in a pumpkin,
empty the guts, and group by 10s to count
3.  SPOOKY HAND - use a plastic glove, candy corn, and popped
popcorn (we discussed bones and adjectives)

What a smorgosboard we had on Halloween!
Oh yeah and an entire fruit tray that the kiddos devoured.

Thanks Room 105 parents.  YOU ROCK at parties!

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