Monday, November 28, 2011

MIA...missing in action

I've been "in action", but not in blogger land.  So sorry for no posts
about your wonderful kiddos and my amazing students.

We (hubs and I....and Alora too) have been frantically spending spare
moments at our new home cleaning and wrapping up loose ends.  We are
ready to move, but continually find more to do.

We also took a short, much needed vacation to DISNEYWORLD.
Mickey and Minnie missed us and we missed "Fantasyland."  It was
wonderful, but I am also glad to be back.  It was so sweet to see the kids'
smiling faces after being gone.  They are all just so sweet.
They wanted to know if we had fun.....of course.

But anyway.......let's get back to school.  The next few posts will be
playing "catch up" from before Thanksgiving.  Enjoy

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