Thursday, November 10, 2011

Field Trip #2

We headed on a cool, crisp autumn morning to Montgomery
Bell State Park in Dickson.  The kiddos were excited to hear
a "bird" program about birds of prey and enjoy the warm sun.

Ranger Tim talked and discussed birds of prey, adaptations,
habitats, and more.  At one point, the students were asked to
create an imaginary bird and make special adaptations to fit
in a particular environment.   

Scott and Case were in the group that created the "Christmas bird."
They then had to present their bird to the group.
Good Job guys :)

Ranger Tim with the owl during his talk.
It was a beautiful bird.  We were lucky enough to
see it turn it's head and hoot.

We ended the day with a game called Duck Migration.
The kids were the ducks and the teachers were the hunters.
The kiddos had to run to hula hoops "habitats" and a
avoid the hunters.  If they didn't make it - DEAD DUCK!

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